Some would argue that trap’s ascension is the reason dubstep is “dead.” The space occupied by the dubstep crowd was overtaken by the prominent, 808-heavy sounds that Mad Decent, Fool’s Gold, and a number of dubstep producers started flocking to. While no one has been able to directly pin its explosion on the popular sound of Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, and other southern rap artists, the timing sure makes sense. Whatever the case may be, the careers of Flosstradamus, Baauer, UZ, and a slew of other producers can be directly credited to 2012’s trap renaissance.

If you’ve been to a party where a trap track is dropped, you know how infectious the sound can be. With the good, sadly, comes the bad, and there was a host of negative energy being thrown at trap, with everything from cries of tracks not having depth to the whole homage vs. exploitation debate that ensued (dealing with everything from the stereotypes about the sound to the literal “trap” that exists in the inner cities). In speaking with Heroes & Villains’ Daniel Disaster, we get a chance to see how the EDM trap scene sees its connection with trap music, as well as how it marries the trap style with EDM sounds.

In Disaster’s eyes, trap isn’t exploitive. The feeling is that producers “get inspiration from everywhere. As long as they are doing something creative with it and adding to it,” then there’s no reason for this new style of EDM to be seen as taking advantage of the literal “trap.” There’s also the idea that it makes “EDM and trap way more interesting.  A lot of rap artists can't jump on traditional house/electro records and maintain their street cred. Trap EDM gives these artists a more comfortable space to work in and be themselves.”

With an album-length project on the horizon for Flosstradamus, and Baauer set to have a stellar year as a solo artist working on new material with Just Blaze, and guys like Carnage, TNGHT, and the scene in the UK starting to emerge, it’ll be interesting to see how trap develops. It will definitely have to become more diverse, bringing in elements outside of itself to truly thrive.