The year in which the artist experiences as much of a lull as a successful, famous, multimillionaire can experience. There's still an abundance of work, but none has the impact of previous efforts.

Justin Timberlake's 2011

May 24 — The Lonely Island’s “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” features vocals from Timberlake and Lady Gaga.

June 29 — Timberlake and a group of investors buy MySpace for $35 million.

June 24 — Timberlake stars alongside Cameron Diaz as Scott Delacorte in Bad Teacher.

July 22 — Timberlake stars alongside Mila Kunis as Dylan in Friends With Benefits.

Nov. 12 — Timberlake attends Marine Corps ball with Corporal Kelsey DeSantis.

Dec. 15 — Timberlake is named Creative Director of Callaway Golf.

Dr. Dre's 1997

Mar. 4 — The DJ Muggs-led collective Soul Assassins release Chapter I. Dr. Dre is featured on "Puppet Master."

Mar. 11 — Scarface releases The Untouchable. Dr. Dre is featured on and produces "Game Over."

Mar. 26 — Dr. Dre officially releases The Aftermath track "Been There, Done That" as a single.

Oct. 21The Firm releases The Album. Dr. Dre splits production duties with Trackmasters.