Release Date: TBA
Label: Doggystyle, RCA

Throughout his career, Snoop Dogg has worked a lil bit of Jamaican into his rap flows. That's why when he announced he had gone through a spiritual reawakening, changed named his name to Snoop Lion, and would be releasing a reggae album it may have come as a shock to many, but not to us.

While many remain skeptical of Snoop's new direction, we remain confident that he's likely to prevail. Mostly because he still possesses one of the greatest voices in modern music, one so distinctive and so unmistakable he can make almost anything work. You can laugh at the gimmick of his name change, but remember many scoffed at the of him singing as well but then he dropped "Sexual Seduction," one of the best songs of his late career.

Besides, his last rap release Doggumentary was largely ignored. At the very least, we're hoping Reincarnated renews interest in Snoop, one of the all time great rap entertainers.