Label: Hollywood BASIC, Elektra

When asked if this album was easy to put together, Prince Po told Unkut, "With the stuff that was going on—Yusef Hawkins getting killed in New York, racial overtones and the cops was acting up—it was relatively easy to make that record! There was times we came out of clubs, we wanna get a cab to Queens—they don't wanna take two young black dudes to Queens. It was easy to make 'cause there's so much stuff you go through everyday, just dealing with people."

Although their self-titled debut contained some heavier moments, tracks such as "Stress" and "Maintain" made it clear that the days of "Fudge Pudge" were well and truly behind them. More significantly, it also marked Pharoahe Monch's transformation from brainiac rapper into the superhuman rapping android that we know today, as he unleashed vocal parlour tricks unlike anything ever heard before on "Bring It On."

"Stray Bullet" took conceptual rhymes to new heights (and inspired Nas' "I Gave You Power" in the process), while "The Extinction Agenda" picks-up right where the brilliant "Releasing Hypnotical Gases" left off. While The Equinox had it's moments, Stress: The Extinction Agenda stands as Organized's most complete work as a unit.