Label: Delicious Vinyl

The problem with musical parodies is that sometimes the audience doesn't get the joke. Masta Ace has since lamented about the fact that the title track for this album (where he was joined by MC Negro and the Ignant MC for a ridiculous rendition of "hardcore rap") was embraced by many dim-witted rap fans without a hint of irony.

Following on from his observational style on Take A Look Around, Ace flaunted a new "on beat/off beat" flow that he first showcased on the Brand New Heavies "Wake Me When I'm Dead" as he questioned many of the hypocritical aspects of the "gangsta" lifestyle that had become so prevalent in hip-hop. The brilliant duet with Paula Perry for "Who You Jackin'" and the freestyle feel of "Saturday Nite Live" proved that there was a lot more to this record than "Mad Rapper" songs, while "Born To Roll" made fine use of an old Original Concept song to provide Ace with his biggest chart single.

Let us not forget the influence that his vocal technique would have on a young Eminem, who adapted and refined the Masta's flow with great success.