Label: Cold Chillin', Warner Bros.

The backstory on this album is almost as great as the record itself. After Marley Marl fell out with Cold Chillin' Records, the Juice Crew were left to their own devices in terms of production, with mixed results. Kool G Rap wisely recruited his old friend Eric B. to oversee his second project, which resulted in Rakim's DJ bringing a young Large Professor on board, since he was also completing tracks that Paul C. had begun for Let The Rythym Hit 'Em before he was murdered.

The results were nothing short of spectacular, as the sharpest MC in the game was paired with the one of the most promising up-and-coming producers for a Queens Rap classic. "Streets of New York" provided street level social commentary, "Talk Like Sex" took the art of Sex Rap to new heights ("I'll fuck you on the A train while I write graffiti").

G Rap explained to Unkut that, "'Kool Is Back' was my 'Men At Work' for the Wanted: Dead Or Alive album. I used to always try to keep one of those type of records on the album back in those times, because that's when I was really trying to establish that I'm not just an ordinary rapper." A pinnacle for New York Brag Rap.