Album: Ironman
Producer: RZA
Label: Razor Sharp, Epic Street, Sony Music

Having been thrown into the deep end for his post-jail appearance on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Cappadonna blacked out for this Ghostface single and forever earned his stripes as a first tier Wu-Tang Clan MC.

Cappa was an influential part of Staten Island's hip-hop community, as Ghostface explained: "You would walk down the block you would see Cappa, man. Fresh to death, a mouth full of gold teeth, always rhymin', sayin' somethin' slick out his mouth. He had character. He was labeled the Slick Rick of Staten Island 'cause that was his thing. He was a adventurous type of brother, I mean he could rhyme about anything! That's what brother's loved about him."

His performance here fulfills that promise, as he touches on multiple topics during this extended stream-of-consciousness verse.