Album: Phenomenon
Producer: Erick Sermon, LL Cool J
Label: Def Jam

Before the battle notebook and bath salts, Canibus demanded the attention of the rap world by delivering a venomous Brag Rap verse that raised the ire of Uncle L with the line "L, is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that." An overly-sensitive LL took the line as diss, prompting him to go at 'Bis in his verse and demand that his guest re-record his part, minus the offending intro.

The original verse, running at 1:54, was such a blistering display of verbal warfare that it's somewhat understandable why LL only left a portion of it on the final version, seeing as though it was his song. But even in its abridged format, Canibus ushered in a new era of super-scientific madness that made rap veterans like Cool J resemble rhyme dinosaurs by comparison.