Album: N/A
Producer: Jermaine Dupri

"My All" was one in a long chain of massive '90s Mariah singles, topping Billboard (Mariah's 13th single to do so) and ultimately reaching platinum sales. The So So Def Remix was a masterful move on Jermaine Dupri's part. Mariah re-recorded her vocals for the remix, and it was retitled "My All/Stay Awhile," due to Mariah's added interpolation of Loose Ends' 1986 R&B hit "Stay A Little While."

The song also featured guest verses from Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq, fresh off the success of the duo's classic "Uptown Baby." The video, shot with the a grainy quality that might qualify as the late-90s equivalent of the retro-Instagram aesthetic, captured the place and time with striking cinematic vision.