Album: The Movement
Producer: Just Blaze

By 1999, the looped-disco style, pioneered a few years earlier by Puffy and the Hitmen on albums like Life After Death and Ma$e's Harlem World, was wearing a little thin. "I Really Like It," though, is kind of undeniable.

Early in his career, Ma$e was interested in signing with So So Def before he was scooped up by Bad Boy. When it came time to shop around his Harlem World crew, So So Def was a natural starting point. The celebratory curtain call for the late-90s Bad Boy aesthetic, "I Really Like It"'s DeBarge interpolation was enough to land Harlem World on the R&B charts, although it never managed to cross over to pop.

Ma$e steals the show ("I'm on the low though, with a lot of dough though/And I hate a smart chick, give me a dodo"), and the video is set in a circus, and someone is shot from a cannon.