Album: AttenCHUN!
Producer: Avery Johnson

Although Lil Jon was considered the primary auteur of crunk's commercial crossover, it's notable that Jermaine Dupri was working behind the scenes of Atlanta's early-Aughts musical revolution. One of biggest club hits of the day was Bone Crusher's "Never Scared," a cataclysmic detonation of raw aggression that became one of the genre's foremost anthems. The song even became the Atlanta Braves' theme song for their 2003 season.

A particularly impressive guest verse by T.I. (who was also joined by Killer Mike) was a landmark recording for the rapper, who had already been building significant buzz locally. It was his first performance to chart on the Billboard Top 40 when it peaked at No. 26; it would remain Bonecrusher's only Top 40 performance.