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With the praise that his Just Blaze-collaboration, "Higher," is receiving, there are a ton of new Baauer fans on the landscape. We've already seen a few rappers take to some of his unreleased beats and slap freestyles on them in the name of "promotion." Let's just get this clear: That won't make us listen to your music any quicker.

In any case, Baauer's status in the game hasn't just been off the back of "Harlem Shake." On the low, his remix work has been intense, landing big credits on albums from The Prodigy and No Doubt, as well as remixing like-minded producers like Ryan Hemsworth and Obey City. While these are just the tip of the iceberg in fully understanding his sound, we figured we'd showcase Baauer's 10 best remixes, so those of you who might be trying to hit his Big League Tour with Just Blaze (which starts on January 24 in Illinois) can get a glimpse of the kind of work this trap prodigy has been putting in.