Tegan: "This record came out in 1994. I remember being at our best friend Heather's house when the video came on Much Music. We were mesmerized. I can remember buying the CD and listening to it over and over and over again and imagining myself playing the songs. I think this was the first band that made me want to play guitar. This was also the first real concert we went to without our parents. We lined up for tickets and spent a day waiting with strangers from all over Calgary to buy floor seats.

"I remember we had a propensity to gravitate towards music that we thought might drive our parents nuts, but our dad ended up getting tickets and seeing the show (from a box seat though) as well! Stand out track: 'She.' I actually remember singing this song over the phone to a girl I liked and her getting her brother to listen and them telling me I had a 'good voice.' I literally am still cringing thinking about this story 19 years later."