It's been just over three years since Tegan and Sara—the Canadian indie rock band and twin sisters—released their last album, Sainthood. Now, they're back with Heartthrob and a hot single "Closer," which dropped late last year. It's refreshing to see the duo, who've been making music for a decade-plus, still making music that's relevant to their both die hard audience and newer fans.

The two have never been shy to write about internal conflicts, paranoia, obsession with ideals, and failed relationship. The twins—who are both openly gay—have paved the lane for steady and strong female rock duos.

In light of their seventh studio album hitting stores today, the sisters submitted a list of some of their favorite albums. From Ani DiFranco's feminist ballads to Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/Love Sounds, it's clear that they're passionate, with a lot of influences. Here are Tegan and Sara's 25 Favorite Albums.

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