Steve Stoute's career in music was unprecedented—he did it all from managing Nas to producing chart-smashing albums at Interscope. And since making the transition to advertising in the early 2000s, Stoute's career has continued to blossom.

He launched in his own firm, Translation, in 2004 and four years later, he partnered with Jay-Z to co-found Translation Advertising. It has worked on campaigns with major companies like State Farm and Coca-Cola, among others.

And this month, Stoute officially added another award to his wall. Ad Age named him the executive of the year, recognizing how well he's married the worlds of advertising and music. Remember the McDonald's campaign with Justin Timberlake? How about the one between Wrigley and Chris Brown? Stoute was a major player in those and many others.

You can read some choices quotes from Stoute below and check out the full feature at Ad Age.

"Entertainment is so sexy that people only pay attention to that," said Mr. Stoute. "But I think our strategy department is the best in the industry. The thinking in our agency never gets the credit it deserves because we have a celebrity. We are first and foremost a strategic and creative shop. And second, we have a Rolodex in entertainment and sports that's unique in the industry."

"I do think the business can run without me, but I don't even spend time on that thought because I'm running the business. But we have a talented group of execs that makes me look good."