That headline is what scares a lot of purists when you talk about EDM going mainstream - the commercialization of the scene. It's bound to happen, though, be it "sex, drugs, and dubstep" tees in Hot Topic or bedroom DJs gone wild on MTV.

Doron Ofir Casting, the production company behind MTV's Jersey Shore, has set up, a site with nothing more than a long questionnaire for budding DJs to fill out, seemingly getting them in the running for this rumored "Electronic Dance Music reality/competition show." We can picture it now: a mixture between Jersey Shore and Road Rules, where crews of DJs man Winnebagos, touring the club circuit in hopes of being named "MTV's Next Hot DJ." Or just opening up for DJ Pauly D, your girlfriend's favorite DJ.

Are we close? No word on what's to come of this as of yet, but expect it to catch on like wildfire.