I'm not sure why I have an affection for house and electro producers that used to make dubstep and drum & bass.  Ethan and Jose, more widely known as Candyland, absolutely tore though dozens of remixes in the past two years.  Gaining attention for remixes of Krewella, Bingo Players, Rick Ross, Adventure Club, Stafford Brothers, Kaskade, and even Coolio, this duo certainly had a dubstep vibe with trap elements.

What most people don't know is that between those tracks and now, there were some overlooked singles produced by this duo, and their new EP, Bring The Rain, will take a stab to see how much interest people have in this work.  I think the general audience associates "Candyland" with "dubstep remix," and for whatever reason, they're stepping to the side to see what else can be accomplished. The styles on this EP bounce from wild glitched-out house to dubstep, and touch on tons of different influences.  We definitely noticed the attention to detail to let the drums stand out and breathe without over-processing them.  This EP just feels FUN.  Like it came together organically.  Often times I hear bigger records and think "they're trying too hard,"  and I didn't get that vibe at all with these tracks.

Today's addition to the "Bring The Rain" set is "Let's Get Wild," which is a fun poppy house track… that turns into moombahton?  What?  Keep this post bookmarked, as Candyland will be spending the weekend adding a song every day to their set.  Literally just reload this post every 24 hours, and you'll be able to hear a new track.