In a recent XXL interview, Flying Lotus talks about his alter ego Captain Murphy for the first time. As you may remember, there was speculation as to who exactly Captain Murphy was for quite a while, until Captain Murphy gave his first show, and during it he took off his mask to reveal that he was in fact Flying Lotus.

In the interview, FlyLo touches on why he chose to reveal Captain Murphy's identity, saying, "I feel like the people made me tell them who I was. They made me reveal my fucking identity. There are some people who were like, 'Oh, you shouldn’t have done it. You should have kept it going.' I was like, Nah, man. All you motherfuckers making websites and shit about who I am and all this shit made it this way."

He also talks about new Captain Murphy material, saying he has four songs already completed which he calls "more introspective" and "a lot darker." Hopefully we will hear something new soon. For now, snatch up Duality if you missed it.

[via Pitchfork and XXL]