The androids at DAD HQ were just recently discussing drum & bass and it's place within EDM. Sure, it's not as popular as it has been, but can you really count drum & bass out? The music still speaks to people, and the producers within the genre, when they switch to different sounds, seem to excel at a better rate than others.

Or maybe we're just being nostalgic.

Whatever the case may be, we've never given up hope on drum & bass, and producers like Dom & Roland are the reason why. He's been around for years, created the "tramen" break (how long has it been since you first heard that term?!), and has been one of the most consistent producers we've followed through dnb's journey.

He let fabric know that he has two projects out this year: a remix project that he will release on Dom & Roland Productions, where he had the likes of Gridlok, Hive, Break, Optiv & BTK, Audio, and other like-minded producers taking a crack at his tracks (it looks like a few of those treats are in this mix). He will also be looking to release Dubs from the Dungeons, a compilation of dubplate versions of tracks from a number of producers, from Dom's productions with Optical, Calyx, and Hive, as well as tracks from Fierce & Fresh, Dillinja, and producers he's still trying to reach out to.

Dom goes on to say that he has singles with Hive, Ryme Tyme, and "Gotham" with Audio still to finish. Oh, and he lets us all know that he's got a remix of a classic Goldie track that he's not about to speak about. He's reportedly has been at it for the last year, and there are no plans on when it'll drop.

Wow. In any case, go through his promo mix for the Commercial Suicide night on February 15, where he does a nice job of mixing up tracks from a number of eras. Really solid mix here.


Mindfeeders - Dom & Roland (Mindscape Rmx) - Dom & Roland Productions
Be Yourself - BTK - Renegade Hardware
Sprech Funk - Neonlight - Lifted
Oxygen - Bad Company - Bad Company
Chaos - Terror.Hubris - Dom & Roland Productions
Time Bleeds Truth - Klute & Prolix - Commercial Suicide
Rare Earth - Break - CIA
Raiders - Upbeats & Dose (BassNectar Rmx) - Non Vogue
Galleon - Fierce Break D-bridge Nico - Quarantine
Untitled - Prolix & Dose - Dubplate
Spaceface - Mindscape - Commercial Suicide
BPD - Xanadu & Terror.Hubris - Dom & Roland Productions
Facade - Noisia - RAM
Flux - Dom & Roland (Gridlok Rmx) - Dom & Roland Productions
Warp Zone - Mindscape - Commercial Suicide
Feed the Machine - BSE & Noisia - BSE
Carbon Shock - Skynet (Noisia Rmx) - Sudden Def
Moonraker - Karl K, Kaos, Jae Kennedy (Gridlok Rmx) - Human Imprint
U Do Voodoo - Dom & Roland (Hive Rmx) - Dom & Roland Productions
Enforced - Dom & Roland - Dom & Roland Productions