Album: Latin Lingo
Label: Ruffhouse Records
DJ Muggs: “I had the sample, and we just started working on it live in Philly. I did the beat. I left, and Joe ‘The Butcher’ had some people come in and add the percussion. Then the next day, B and Sen just locked themselves in one room and wrote the rhymes, and they came up with that. I thought it was ridiculous.


Sen was the first one kicking Spanish rhymes in our neighborhood.


“Sen was the first one kicking Spanish rhymes in our neighborhood. He had this rhyme he would always do called ‘Deena.’ It was a dirty, XXX rhyme he used to always do. There was this Cuban club in L.A. that we would always go to, and they were a little bougie, so when Sen ripped into that, and this is like ‘88, ‘89, people would be like, ‘Whoooaaa.’ So Sen used to always have that rhyme for the Spanish heads back in the days.

“B-Real played that back on the song and did the accents, which was [not the norm]. B-Real pretty much took the lead on the first album. So the way that worked out, it was just a whole other dimension for the album. It opened up a whole other world for us.

“At that time in L.A., the Latin groups were coming out, and their things was, ‘We’re Latin, we’re Latin.’ But a lot of times, you shut another part of the world off, especially in L.A., where the black crowd is fucking with the Mexicans. There’s a lot of gang shit going on in L.A. A lot of penitentiary stuff stems over into the streets. Our whole thing was, ‘We’re not even gonna talk about that. That’s not gonna be our gimmick.’ Because you end up doing the car show circuit. And you don’t get out of the car show circuit. So we just left it alone. People are going to hear you, and see you, [without having to put a ‘Latin’ or ‘Spanish’ stamp on it]. We just said that it was going to be all about the music, and just left it up to that.”