Soulja Boy has been one of the most maligned artists in hip-hop history for his entire career, and at the same time, he's scored numerous hits and developed a truly massive cult following. His music is exceptionally inconsistent, but for the ambitious curator, it's full of slept-on gems. He treats rap like an ever-evolving data cloud to draw upon for inspiration. In some cases, it almost feels parasitic; but his music also feels like a true melting pot of hip-hop's trends, both well-covered and semi-obscure.

In a way, Soulja is one of hip-hop's foremost A&Rs, identifying what trends are bubbling in youth culture well before supposed 'tastemakers' and gatekeepers can get ahold of them, if they ever do. He's released tons of material, and sorting through it is difficult. He's only got three major-label records, but has released, according to his Wikipedia page, 36 mixtapes, never mind the countless one-offs released to YouTube.

This list is only the very beginning of an attempt to get a handle on Soulja's expansive discography, but we chose to highlight the most listenable gems, the truly under-the-radar releases that never quite made it to "Crank Dat," "Turn My Swag On," or "Gucci Bandanna"-level success. These are 20 Secretly Awesome Soulja Boy Songs.

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