Close call for Breezy: L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore says that the incident that occurred outside of Westlake Studios in Hollywood involving Chris Brown and Frank Ocean will not be pursued as a hate crime, as otherwise reported by sites like

But he's not clear yet.

When asked how the case will be pursued, Whitmore replied that it is a battery case, which is a misdemeanor. "Unwanted touching was reported, it could very well be a minor scuffle over a parking space," he told Complex. 

When asked if anyone was taken into custody, Whitmore replied: "No one was arrested, and no one is in custody." There have been no charges filed but the investigation has not been concluded, according to Whitmore. He named Brown as the suspect and Ocean as the alleged victim. Ocean was also taken to a local hospital for minor scratches, Whitmore says. Reuters was told that Brown will be contacted regarding the incident.

Chris Brown is currently over two years into a five-year probation sentence after pleading guilty to a domestic assault on his then-girlfriend, Rihanna (the two recently recorded a song together for Rihanna's most recent album, which may have caused some consternation among fans).

Whitmore is unsure if the actions will affect his probation but says, from past experiences, if an official action is taken—an arrest or charge, although he guesses an arrest would not be made in a misdemeanor case—then the court would look at that, in regards to Brown's probation.

And while we're not lawyers, we can assume that this fight with Frank Ocean will most likely violate Brown's probation in some way.

Update: The Post is reporting that Frank Ocean is “desirous of prosecution,” according to Whitmore. “We’ll find out what happened,” he said in an interview. 

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