Earlier this week, we talked about Calculon's Feel EP, and we hope you at least gave it a chance. Don't sleep on the emerging footwork/jungle styles. Seriously. If a seasoned vet like Chrissy Murderbot is believing in it, you need to be, too.

To further entice you, here's an exclusive we got send from Calculon and Murderbot directly. "Where I'm From" transports some E-40 declarations about where he's from into a track that's part juke, part throwback jungle, all bounce. Works like this remind us why we got into jungle in the first place. Plus, throwing that 40 Fonzarelli over some banging subs? Just awesome.

Now that you've got Feel, we think you need to keep Calculon on your radar. Alongside Austin Speed and Christina Tamayo, Calculon's remixed Atlantic Connection's "Watermelon." Rubik will also be releasing his remix of Heavy1's "Ongaku," as wel as "Rubenesque" with Sinistarr. You can also catch releases on Phuzion ("Luckiest Day" with Andy Sim) and IM:Ltd ("Hold Back"), and we're crossing our wires in hopes that someday, he'll make that full length album we know he has in him.

For now, find out where he's from.