Label: Wing

Big Boi: "This is like from my high school days. Funny story about that one. Remember when you used to get eight CDs for a penny, and shit like that? Well, what me and Dre used to do, is we used to order those shits and send them to the next door neighbor's house, and get all them shits out the box when they came to their house. [Laughs.]That's how I got a lot of my earlier CDs. For real, X-Clan, and all kind of shit. And that was one of the records I got from that [scheme].

"That was a dope ass album. From 'It Never Rains (In Southern California),' to 'I Care.' There are so many good songs on that album. Lot of slow jams. And to me, those boys were talented. And Raphael Saadiq is still doing his thing and putting out dope records, too. There are some people that really enjoy making music, and you can tell [he's one of them]."