Label: Purple Ribbon, Def Jam

Big Boi: "I love it, man. I feel like this is my best work to date. I'm still a student of the music. All of it is an experimentation process. So, this new record, I got to do everything I wanted to do on there, and just really take the music in a different direction, where not everything has to be just rapping, but more melodies. And this is my most honest album, where I really opened up to the world about what's been happening. It's stripped down. And I love that everyone loves it. It's a good thing.

"It's so easy to make songs that are like verse, hook, verse, hook, gone. You gotta get into the instrumentation, and the whole feel of the points you're trying to convey. I had a lot of fun making this record, and I'm glad people want to hear some new shit, without the same four people on every song. That's crazy.

"Even with my last record. I didn't just load my album with a lot of big time names. I don't need big time names to sell my records. I rely on the music. No bells and whistles. No controversy. Just me and the music. Sometimes people get distracted, because they're looking for something extra to go along with it. But as it saturates, they get it. They realize that the shit is timeless classics. You could put this shit in five, ten years from now, and it'll still be like that."