Date: June 2010

This beef is tricky. Lil B took personal offense to Joe Budden not following him on Twitter after Budden wrote a string of tweets that seemed to mock Lil B's #based positivity. Here's what Lil B said: 

"It was crazy ’cause I felt like he was making a mockery of me over Twitter, so [I tweeted], “Joe follow me. I’m a supporter of you. Check me out. Let’s do some work.” He didn’t follow me. I’m like, “Okay, Joe, I’m getting very emotional right now. I feel like you’re making fun of me. Follow me.” He didn’t follow me, I said, “Fine, Joe, I’m a better lyricist than you. You cannot see me lyrically.”
Then he started tweeting, like, “Ooh, really,” he’s like, “I wouldn’t wanna be dissed by somebody that looked like Jesus,” and really making fun of me. And you know, I’m thinking in my head Joe Budden is really a worthy opponent ’cause a lot of people aren’t worthy of me to address them. He’s worthy of me to address and so, I destroyed him and you know, it’s done now."

He then went on to release a diss track aimed at Budden, where he raps: "Joe Budden, Joe Booty, what the fuck is your name." Listen below.