Footwork / Jit

Song: Missy Elliot "Lose Control" (2005)

Anybody who was in Detroit in the early '90s might recall "The New Dance Show" that use to come on the local stations late at night and inspire folks doing this dance. "Jitting" (sometimes called "Footwork," mostly in Chicago) is a move that involves intricate, breakneck movements of the legs that must be executed perfectly in order to avoid looking ridiculous.

Though the dance was a favorite in the Midwest (along with other speed-driven dances like the "Percolator"), Jitting wound up catching nationwide attention when Missy Elliott and her dancers broke out in the move in her 2005 video "Lose Control" (see move at the 27 second mark of the video). The chorus to the song, which repeats the words "step," indirectly pays homage to the timeless move.