Rihanna "Diamonds" (2012)

Where They Sound The Same: The choruses aren't exactly the same, but the tail-end of Rihanna's "Diamonds" hook makes it sound like the long-lost sister song to "Born To Die."

Rihanna is a pop star for good reason, and one of her most important talents is the ability to take songs and mold them into her own. Her latest hit, "Diamonds," is the perfect example. It was created by Benny Blanco, StarGate, and the team of writers and artists brought into the studio to come up with new material for RiRi, and she pulls it off well. But at its core, beyond the massive production, the song sounds like it was made for Lana Del Rey. You can almost hear the mash-up: "Choose your last words, this is the last time/'Cause you and I, we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky." We can't help but recall Lana's "Born To Die," and if there ever is a mash-up, the name Rihanna Del Rey is all too perfect.