Jay-Z & Kanye West "N****s In Paris (2011)

Where They Sound The Same: At the :26 mark of "Nextel Chirp," the resemblance is blatant.

Hit-Boy is commonly credited with making the most instantly recognizable beat of 2011. "N****s In Paris" is the kind of track that can make a stadium full of fans lose their shit. Most of those fans going ape for The Throne's massive hit probably haven't heard of "Nextel Chirp," but if you give that now-outdated ode to technology a listen, you'll hear that Lil Jon was on to something when he produced this one for Atlanta's Maceo in 2005. Listen to the two songs back to back and it's hard to deny that "N****s In Paris" sounds like "Nextel Chirp" on steroids.