One of the best commentaries on EDM fashion was the track "Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair" by Electric Valentine and Kids On Drugs. It commented on the trend of people flocking to the look of a popular star, but really, it's not even that Skrillex's particular style (head shaved bald on one side, with the rest just combed over and wild - with or without glasses) was his own: Danny Brown rocks that haircut, often. It's the combination of his style and the impact of his music on the mainstream populace that seems to connect with people.

There are a number of tumblr pages out there dedicated to the phenomenon of girls looking like Skrillex, and some celebrities (from his ex-girlfriend, Ellie Goulding, to Rihanna) who have rocked the hair cut. Maybe he brought that style back? Whatever the case may be, to celebrate his 25th birthday, we figured we would showcase 30 girls who look like America's favorite dubstep kingpin.