There's nothing more frustrating than when you play a song like A$AP Rocky's "Fuckin' Probems" because you just want to hear 2 Chainz scream, "Yeah, I like to fuck, I got a fuckin' problem" but instead you hear, "Yeah I like to ____, I got a _____ problem."

Fact is, clean versions suck. They're like decaf coffee or non-alcoholic beer. But, we must admit they serve a purpose. When you're in the whip with your mom and you're not trying to offend her with a rapper's potty mouth or you want to introduce your nephew to an awesome song but don't want to be a bad role model, a clean version can be the right solution. However, that's only the case like 3.8% of the time. That's why Spotify needs to chill with giving clean versions top billing.

Meek Mill's "Amen" is still only available in an edited format. The same goes for Eminem's vulgar Slim Shady LP. And sometimes, explicit versions are available, but they're a hassle to find, like "Fuckin' Problems," for example. Us rap fans like our profanity—don't take that away from us.