While many people hold certain opinions on Diplo for different reasons, the fact remains that he can't keep his position within the EDM scene without having his finger on the pulse of many different scenes. We've seen him travel to New Orleans to discover the roots of bounce music, and he's the guy Snoop called when it was time to create the reggae-flavored Snoop Lion. Some might take his methods of discovery to heart, though.

Venus Iceberg X, who DJed for Maluca during the Mad Decent Block Party tour a few years back, spotted Diplo taking video at a Ghe20 Goth1k show in New York in early 2011, and a serious twitter battle ensued. Charges of Diplo trying to steal their sound were lobbied, with Diplo countering that he sees hundreds of cellphones out during his own DJ sets (a pretty stellar point, although when you're on the receiving end and already thinking someone is a biter, it doesn't look right). The "whiteboy" and "new Columbus" barbs were thrown Diplo's way, with the perception of his trend discovery being more about grabbing cash than being a fan.

Whatever your position on Diplo's intentions are, dialogues like this do help us see his side of the story, and while we don't wish them on him, they can be necessary.