To some, EDM is nothing but pilled-up ravers smiling and hugging each other, bopping around to repetitive beats. Whle that description can be pretty accurate, it's not all PLUR and daisies. The arguments and disagreements that EDM producers, DJs and labels might have aren't as prevalent as in hip-hop or rock, there have been some heated exchanges over the years. Yet, when you first think of "EDM Beef," the immediate name that comes to mind is EDM's resident firecracker, Deadmau5.

We're here to tell you that no, all EDM beef isn't mau5beef. You probably don't believe us. Walk with us as we tell you tales of producers being pushed down steps, MCs proudly defying orders from hip-hop legends, artists tweeting-off about their labels, and the ever-popular thievery allegations. And not one mau5 to be found in the bunch.