Producer: DJ Kenn
Album: Back From The Dead
Label: N/A

Young Chop“Oh my god. That sound right there, that really put Chicago on. With that one sound like that. At the time, we didn’t have no gangsters like that in Chicago, so when that came out, it was just like, ‘Oh my god.’ It was just, “Oh!’ It was just right. The beat was just cold. The instrument he had, it was just right. It was like totally different. We did one [together] for Keef. It’s called ‘Bands.’ We never put the whole song out. But it was called ‘Bands.’ I got a gang of beats me and him did. [Kenn] just don’t give a fuck. He don’t sound like nobody else to me. He just do what he do. That’s what makes him different to me. From like his off-beatness, to the high kick he riding. It just be different. So totally different. Opposite of what other producers do.”