Producer: Young Chop
Album: Hall of Fame
Label: G.O.O.D., Def Jam

“Epic. That was my first day in LA. Man, Key Wane went in. At first the beat didn’t sound like that. We had to do other—you know, tweak it a little more. Took us a couple, like two or three months to get it to where it’s at right now. We was in the studio. I was in another room, he came over there. Really, he had the idea in his head, and he just went on his MacBook, and put the little [hums melody], and after that I just start adding stuff. Drums, little instruments, going crazy. That was my first ever day I went to LA. I gave him ‘Guap,’ we did ‘Mula,’ I did ‘Woke Up.’ I did a couple of joints with him my first day.”

“I love LA to a certain extent. Sometimes I be missing home, sometimes I be, ‘Oh I’m in LA!’”