Trinidad James: "Back in the day, when I was like 16, I used to write down my freestyles. I would just write down little raps, but they were nothing serious. I was just playing around. I was really into battle rap, and of course we wanted to do our own [battles]. So I was just writing down raps. I ended up losing all those raps and I just stopped doing anything pertaining to rap. When I turned 17, I graduated high school and started working. I was still listening to music but I forgot how to rap period.


I didn’t want to do no music, I was like, 'This is meaningless.'


“I started [recording music for the first time] in November of last year. From time to time, I’d be chilling with the boys and a beat would come on and we’d freestyle to it, just playing around. Last year my same cousins who I grew up with, they was really into the music and they have their own studio, so I’d be over there sometimes. Like November-ish, I laid down a verse on a song they were doing. I just happened to be there and they was playing it and I laid it down.

“A little bit prior to that, my cousins were rapping and I was like their assistant manager. I was helping them out to get clothes and shoes and getting photographers to shoot them because that’s what I do. I was just making sure they were straight. I wasn’t really doing the music, but I got a passion for music because I love it.

“But doing it in my own way never really crossed my mind until I stopped rocking with [my cousins] as far as doing the music, which was around the Super Bowl of this year. I didn’t want to do no music, I was like, 'This is meaningless.'”