Trinidad James: "My brothers put me on to a lot of up North music first. When I got to Atlanta, it was just that old school, that Dungeon Family. That genre of hip-hop. My parents always listened to a lot of old school like Marvin Gaye, so I listened to a lot of old school coming up. And I listened to some Caribbean music because like I said I was born in Trinidad.

“I grew older and was able to pick more music that I liked from different artists that came along. The Jay-Z moments, the Cam’ron moments, the T.I. moments, the Young Jeezy moments. Even the Bow Wow moments, the Chris Brown moments. It’s crazy, I seen Chris Brown from the beginning to see him now. And he’s younger than me. So it’s like wow, it’s crazy how the music game is.

“I was also into the West Coast rap. I really have a passion for Eazy-E’s music. Eazy was just really dope to me, it was really an unorthodox style, kind of like my style of just saying how you feel. You going to get the message.”