Trinidad James: "Shout out to JDirrt and all those guys over there at Ballers Eve. Things wouldn’t be as turnt up as they are if it wasn’t for the groundwork that they put in. Ballers Eve found me and let people know this might be the one.

"So it’s a real big shout out to them for life man, them some good dudes. Dirrty was one of the first people to really rock with me, out of anybody. He was like, 'Aye man, this track is hard. I played it on Ballers Eve Radio.' And we really just built up a trust level that was really dope. I respect him for that. He got the ball rolling first before anybody, even people in Atlanta.

“It’s a blessing and I really thank Ballers Eve because they gave me a chance to rock. And that show was crazy. His show was crazy because now it’s more people that know about Trinidad James, so a lot of people came out and we sold out the show at Santo’s last night. They opened the doors for it.”