Date: October 25

Shyne, who's been through three failed record deals (the first after taking the rap for his boss, and two more after convincing his bosses he could still rap), has done one thing well since being released from jail: annoy people. From Diddy to 50 Cent to Game to Rick Ross, Shyne hasn't been shy about making his opinions known.

What is strange though, is why he decided to criticize Kendrick Lamar after the release of K-Dot's debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city. Having never met or dealt with Kendrick, Shyne still tweeted, "Yoooo! Kendrick Lamar is talented with a lot of potential but his album is traaaaash." With no other offers coming in from record labels, perhaps this is the only way for Shyne's voice to be heard.