Date: July 2

It always feels necessary to remind people that Chief Keef is 17 years old. Fresh off of a house arrest this June, Chief Keef came to New York and watched as the labels and then the media went bonkers over him: look here, look here, give us a face, give us a quote, tell us what we want to hear! In the middle of the frenzy was Pitchfork, who view hip-hop through an indie rock lens (which is to say that it has a largely white audience).

They decided to interview Chief Keef at—where else—a gun range. Sure, it's a lazy and hacky idea, and yes, there are moral implications to sticking a gun in the hands of a kid who should be in high school, but it also seemed to be against the wishes of his parole board. (Remember: he was UNDER HOUSE ARREST FOR SHOOTING IN THE DIRECTION OF POLICE OFFICERS just a couple of weeks earlier.)

So, fast-forward to when the cops find out: Chief Keef might be going to jail over the incident. We shall see.