Craziest request: No brown M&Ms

The craziest thing about Van Halen's request for no brown M&Ms is how NOT crazy it actually is but rather how sensible it actually is. So why did these guys, some of the biggest partiers of the '80s, want to make sure there were no brown M&Ms in their candy dishes? Simple: it was all to make sure that every other portion of their rider was followed. Genius, no?  

Full list of items: One breakfast for eight people at 6 a.m. followed by another at 8:30 for 20 people. If feasible, said breakfast should be hot and cooked, and it will features four cases of soda, four gallons of milk, two gallons of chocolate milk, two dozen English muffins, two dozen raisin muffins, three loaves of whole-wheat bread, one dozen hard-boiled eggs, assorted cereals, and more.

No beer provided until dinner at 6 p.m., but before that there's a lunch with a minimum of 44 sandwiches and food and drinks for 24 people. At dinner, the meat and vegetable options switch on odd and even days while there are potatoes, breads, and desserts served every days.

Two cases of beer (Heineken and Budweiser) with dinner with two more of those cases given to producer's stage manager at 7 p.m. There are more food and booze requirements for the band outside of their meals along with the request of one large tube of KY Jelly. Sure.