A regional success for nearly a decade, Pitbull was an exceptionally witty, sometimes X-rated, sometimes-political, quick-spitting fixture on several DJ Khaled projects, various Lil' Jon staples, and a handful of his own albums. But after a series of fun, yet commercially average singles like "Dammit Man," "Culo," and "Bojangles" and a series of not-fun lawsuits and altercations, Pitbull sat at a rap crossroads.

And to his credit, Pit started dressing like James Bond and danced his way over to the EDM world at the perfect moment, teaming with Ne-Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer on the chart-topping monster, "Give Me Everything," and the rest is history. Pitbull found his niche, rapping over upbeat dance music, and he crossed over, starring in Kodak commercials, co-hosting New Year's TV broadcasts, and in short order became one of the biggest, most-appealing mainstream artists in the world.