Band Or Solo Artist?: Solo
Genre: Alternative pop
Greatest Hit: "The Songs That We Sing" (2006)

Most 15-year-olds are busy listening to emo music and hating their parents for just about anything imaginable. Not for Charlotte Gainsbourg, though. She was hard at work in the studio with her father. After releasing her first album, suitably named Charlotte for Ever, she took a 20-year hiatus before releasing her next project in 2006. Dr. Dre would be jealous of this hiatus, but it was necessary for her to grow.

Looking at her years later, it's clear she has a done a lot of growing up and has turned out to be sexy in her own way. Even more impressive than her musical talent is her lengthy filmography and the fact that she's the muse of one of the most batshit crazy directors in movies, Lars Von Trier. Yeah, she can do it all. Instant wifey material.