We have such a weird relationship with pop music in 2012. In past eras, unimpeachable megastars like Michael Jackson and Madonna comprised the mainstream. Today, there's almost a sense of shame associated with enjoying pop music.

If anything, trying to deny the appeal of the most popular songs in the country is something to warrants shame. Luckily, a strong contrarian nature in music culture leads to a great deal of people coming out in defense of pop records explicitly because it's not the cool thing to do. Plus, those annoying hits that are on the radio every two seconds? They're actually good. There's no sense in putting up a front.

No, it's not weird to like Taylor Swift. No, you're not a lame if you occasionally get down to Flo Rida. Yes, it's best that your tastes expand beyond songs in that realm, but if you never went H.A.M. to "Call Me Maybe" at some point this year, that's where the real problem lies.

You won't catch us skipping songs in embarrassment when Katy Perry pops up on shuffle around the homies. These are the 10 Best Guilty Pleasure Songs of 2012.

Written by Ernest Baker (@newbornrodeoand Lauren Nostro (@laurencynthia)

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