And then there were three.

After its third and final round of voting, The McDonald's® Flavor Battle has narrowed its ranks to three finalists. From the East Region, DJ Element (@Deejayelement); from the Central Region, DJ Arty J (@arty_j); and the best from the West, DJ Jena Red (@DJ_JenaRed).

These three spectacular disc jockeys will be heading to Miami on February 7th to compete in the Flavor Battle Finale. In one last battle, these three turntable warriors will finally settle who the best of the best truly is. There they will be joined by one more yet-to-be-named wild card contender, the winner of the Sprite® Spin Off challenge.

Head to now to get to know the finalists. You can also keep up with the battle preparations and learn how your favorite DJ is doing on Twitter at @McDonalds. While you're there, feel free to weigh in on which DJ you think is best, using the hash tag #flavorbattle.