DGainz: “My ex-girlfriend showed me that video. She put it on and I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’ M.I.A. always had some crazy videos anyway. One of my favorites she did was ‘Paper Planes.’ The director that did ‘Paper Planes’ actually did the Young Buck, ‘Get Buck’ and ‘Throw Some Ds.’ So that’s a coincidence.

“The video stood out because I’d never seen a video shot like wherever she shot the video. It was like in Israel or something. I remember the car tricks that they did were so damn crazy and how she was rapping, she was sitting on top of the car.

“I remember my favorite shot in the video was like a horse running in slow motion with the dust popping up behind it. He got some crazy slow-mo shots in the video. The car shit, that was different. I never seen that in a video before. The car on the side, that made that video anybody’s fave."