When: April 13, 2012

What happened: After a fight breaks out in the lobby of the Chicago's Congress Theater, police lock down the 5,000 seat venue, refusing to let new patrons enter, although the show does continue—as seen in this video clip. Keef and fellow Chicagoan King L perform to the packed crowd, creating the best kind of musical mayhem. Twista and Meek Mill also performed, although rappers Bo Deal and the L.E.P. Bogus Boys were unable to enter the venue due to police.

A local Chicago alderman had received a letter from the police warning of Keef's gang affiliations. The Alderman responded by hiring extra security for the show, which may have created more tension. Either way the whole thing turned into quite a dust-up. Shortly thereafter, L.E.P. Bogus Boys and Keef were barred from performing during A$AP Rocky's Chicago House of Blues show, although L.E.P. and a few GBE members rolled through regardless.