Lyrics: "I'm always with a dude that'll off the kufi/Let him eat my coochie and cop me Pucci/House in the boonies, rock a doobie/Cock the .22 then spark a loosie/He tell me I'm the one, he probably right"

Song: Nicki Minaj "40 Bars" 

Nicki's demands tend to get specific. First of all, she wants a dude that'll off the kufi—you know, expose fake rappers. She needs a tough dude by her side. Only then will she let you go down on her, but you have to follow up by buying her Emilio Pucci. She also wants a house in the middle of nowhere. And last by not least, she finds it sexy when dudes cock back their guns and spark a cigarette.

Finish it off by telling her she's the one.