Few rappers can muster up the character in verse that Gunplay manages in a single silent on-camera cameo. The "human L.A. riot" is a livewire in both music and, unfortunately, life. But while we patiently wait for the rapper's fate to be determined by the U.S. justice system, there are plenty of 2012 tracks to explore that best capture his particular brand of exuberance. "Jump Out" does all the things that earn parental advisory stickers and then some.

Punctuated by screams, ringing gunshots and screeching sound effects, the track is as much about creating an environment of chaotic adrenaline as it is in one of musicality. Few rappers could successfully tame a track like this, and Gunplay is one of them. Packed with quotably visceral lyrics ("he thought I raised the floor!") and boundless energy, "Jump Out" pushes Gunplay's rubbery Redman-like flow to a new outer limit.

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