California's success story in 2012 was the South California production style helmed by DJ Mustard, the commercially (and confusingly)-labeled "rachet" sound. Meanwhile, North California crew The Team (which includes Clyde Carson, although he's the featured solo artist here) made their names in the hyphy era. Hyphy, much like rachet music, was heavily dancefloor-oriented. Unlike rachet music, though, hyphy often flirted with spasmodic, cacophonous textures; DJ Mustard's signature sound has a smoother, gliding thump.

The Sho Nuff-produced "Slow Down" reinvents The Team for a more groove-oriented, svelte era. Between the calmly-delivered hook and the delayed kick-drum--notice the full groove doesn't even really kick in until the :45 mark--the track is all about simmering tension and denied release, the use of space to build anticipation. For its part, the video reinforces that even though the music may have shifted to the minimal, the hyphy predilection for dangerous car stunts continues unabated.